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  1. What is Teal Village about? Is it about community building, learning Teal (spiritual intelligence), personal development or business creation?

All of the above.  Each is an integral part of the ecosystem that we are creating.  Teal Village is about applying Spiritual Intelligence to raise consciousness – the condition for creating outstanding results in life and in business.  To create conscious businesses (small or big, for-profit or humanitarian), we need to first cultivate conscious people.  Every single activity in the village is created for this purpose.  

The village design is comprehensive, however it is not easily explained with a few words, because many of the practices and principles are not yet common knowledge in today’s society, and the process isn’t linear.  Similar to explaining the Internet 50 years ago, which was impossible to be precise and complete.  One must experience it rather than intellectualize it.   

2.   Is Teal Village in competition with any other communities/businesses?

Firstly, we would love to see Teal Village cousins everywhere in the world to multiply our effort in raising human consciousness.  Secondly, the idea of competition is the exact limiting mindset that we want to transform from through the understanding of Spiritual Intelligence or Teal.  So, we can  recognize the infinite possibilities available to us. 

If another group and Teal Village overlap in some of our efforts, it is a good reason to collaborate.  Teal Village has a long-term vision that requires the collaboration of as many like-minded people with various talents as possible.  We exist to encourage more collaborations betweem individuals and groups.  We welcome anyone who share our vision to join us and/or to collaborate with us.  

3.  What is the one big earth-shattering idea about Teal Village?

The very thought of one earth-shattering idea or super guru that would save the world is what has created many problems we face today.  Each one of us is part of the problem and part of the solution on this planet.  Once we know who we really are – a genius and a miracle in physical form, we will no longer seek external ideas or gurus to save us, but to look inward for the solutions.  

Teal Village is designed to unleash the hidden potential within us, so we can create the lives and businesses we want.  Miraculous results don’t come from one big secret formula but from small things done well over a long period of time.  The process gets much easier with the guidance, activities and community support available within the village, which will be revealed step by step.   

4.  What can I expect to see if I sign up?

Nothing …… almost nothing when you see with your eyes.  It is similar to trying to understand yoga by visiting a yoga studio.  The most you will see is an empty room with some yoga mats on the floor.  The only way to understand the magic of yoga is to experience it.  Even experiencing it a few times doesn’t show you the big picture.  It is through consistent practice over an extended period of time, you will understand its magic.  The subtlety and the process are part of the magic.  

After all, Teal Village is not designed as a shopping mall, but an open space in which  you and your business can flourish.  When you sign up, you are engaged in a co-creation process – creating the best version of yourself, your business and the community together as a partner, not a consumer.  Over time, with collective effort, we will turn the space into a botanic garden or an ecosystem for all to enjoy.

5.  What am I expected to practice?

You are an adult.  You set your own expectations. 🙂  Teal Village is a space created for us to practice proactively taking charge of our lives instead of living according to social expectations.  It is an UNlearn and RElearn as well as an inward-looking process.  Here, you are encouraged to take a closer look at yourself, practice mindfulness, self-reflection, discover your purpose and talents and raise self-awareness.  

You can practice vulnerability, open up and show up in order to create deep connections with yourself as well as with other members. You can practice exploring the unknown and trust your own guts or intuitions.  You can experience making mistakes, yet receive acceptance and support instead of criticism.  You can practice surrendering, trust and equanimity.  You can practice how to create from yourself, from others, from nothing and everything.  You can practice leading others in the true sense of leadership – serving, role modeling, giving and receiving unconditionally.  

6.   Can I come in and try it out?

Of course, as long as you share our vision and are willing to take actions to realize that vision.  Teal Village has a revolving door.  You can come, leave and come back again, in case we are not a good match now but will be in the future.  

This isn’t the right place for you if you come with a “what’s in it for me?” attitude or your goal is to be a spectator inside of the village.  Once you are admitted, it is equivalent to being given the key to a private home, it is important that you respect our protocols and show up.  Say hello, participate in community activities, tell us about yourself and give a helping hand, not just hide behind a screen.  Because our highest priority is to create a safe space for members and your anonymity doesn’t support that.

7.  What kind of members is Teal Village looking for?

Members whose life goal is self-actualization.  As the ideal member, you are passionate about discovering your true potential, connecting with other members to co-create positive social impact.  You understand that the only way to change the world sustainablly is through changing ourselves.  You are willing to contribute to the creation of this village, bringing positive energy and kindness with you. 

8.  What is the membership fee?

There is no fee at the moment.  The existing members will collectively decide if and how much the membership fee will be in the future, if we ever charge it.  Besides, inability to pay the fee will not affect your access to membership.  If you have no money, you have time and talents.  You can always contribute in infinite other ways.  

9.  How do I know if I’m qualified to be a member?

You will know if you deeply resonate with what you have read on this website.  If you are still not sure, but your intuition tells you that you long to be part of this community, then go ahead and apply.  As everything in life, you don’t know until you try.  Trying without certainty is one of the essential qualities of being a self-leader.  If you are not a good match at the moment, we will let you know personally.  

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