Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself


Become a Member

Hello again!  Before you apply for membership, we would like to share with you the characteristics of our desired members and the application process.  This might take more time and effort than you expect, which is a deliberate design to adequately prepare you, before you submit your application, and to ensure a mutual fit.

Like any village, we want to keep our community vibrant and supportive.  So we would like to invite members who bring positive energy, have high self-awareness, show up authentically; and those who are open to connect and share with fellow members at deeper levels, and can hold a safe space for them.

This is an intimate community and will remain so regardless of its size.  We value member quality much more than quantity.  We would like every member who comes into the village to feel welcome and at home.  And to be as delighted as we are for your joining.  Therefore, we would like you to make your decision as mindfully as we are selective.

Our ideal members:

  • Are committed to personal development and spiritual growth, and are willing to unlearn and relearn
  • Are dedicated to contribute to society AND humble enough to serve fellow members and the community
  • Are aligned with Teal Village’s Vision of transforming ourselves before transforming our society
  • Are, or aspire to become, inspirations and role models in our world, whatever size it is to us individually, by what we do and who we are

We don’t expect you to be perfect at any time.  We simply invite you to a journey with us, where we self-discover, heal, grow and raise consciousness together.  Teal Village is designed as a Safe Space for members to practice, practice and practice how to create, contribute, serve and receive in a supportive community.   

If you join to only find out “what’s in it for me?” or to download information, the village is not the right place for you.  There is nothing inside to download that you could not find on social media, in bookstores or on this website. If you join only to observe other members from behind a screen but not take actions and participate in activities, then the village is not the right place for you.

Furthermore, we are wary of individuals who are

  • Eager to change others instead of ourselves, who constantly look for rescuers or excuses instead of solutions
  • Wander into the village mindlessly, unaware of how we show up and impact others
  • Think in a box, resist changes, are skeptical about the unfamiliar, and insist that what we already know is the ultimate truth
  • Want to be everywhere but are not present anywhere,  start but don’t finish, yet mistaken “lack of self-mastery” as “lack of time”.  

If you feel that some of these describe you AND you don’t have a burning desire to self-improve, then Teal village isn’t the right place for you.

In Teal Village, we learn through taking actions and through experience instead of theory.  The more effort you put in, the more you get out.  We count on members to take initiatives, and turn challenges into opportunities.  After all, this is a village of creators and self-leaders.

Once you join, we would like you to make the most out of your membership; respect the space – our shared home; and be considerate of the effort required to welcome you into the family.  Our volunteer hosts and ushers are giving their personal time to bring every new member onboard, so you can find your way around and connect with other members quickly.

As a community of evolved mature adults, needless to say, every member is expected to take responsibilities for his/her own actions.  Both our action and inaction have an impact on others.  No excuses nor blames.  Besides self-responsibilities, every member is an owner of this community and is 100% responsible for the creation, improvement and member experience of the village.

If this appeals to you and you would like to join, please follow this 2-step procedure:

  1. Complete the Application Form  by answering 5 short questions.
  2. Participate in 1-2 zoom calls to meet existing members.  The purpose is to help you make an informed decision and to ensure that we have compatible expectations.