Member Testimonials

"Teal Village has been an incredible accelerator in my journey to being more confident in my voice and my gifts. I can say with pride that ever since I joined the village, I feel like a completely different person and everything about my life has changed for the better. My view about myself and the world has shifted. In here, I have a group of people that help me dig deeper into myself and align with the beat of my soul. They encourage me to take action and share my knowledge. And the more I do so, the more I meet parts of me I never thought existed. Because Teal Village is that safe community where I can practice showing up as I am - and it then becomes much easier for me to be so in every area of my life outside of the village as well."
- Gaëlle
"Being a part of Teal Village feels like having a spiritual home. I know that I can always count on being supported in a gentle way by the village members. There is also so much freedom to go about one's personal explorations. Through supporting and championing each other, we grow a natural bond that feels incredibly refreshing. If you are looking for step-by-step hand-holding guidance for your personal growth, Teal Village is perhaps not the best fit. If you are ready to dive in and play, sometimes by yourself, and other times with the others, Teal Village is here for you."
- Nan
"Since joining Teal Village in December 2019, my spiritual journey has moved in great steps. I have been able to learn and understand my consciousness development, and how I need to be in self-awareness to be in my higher self, and not on auto-pilot. Most importantly, I have been accompanied by conscious fellow villagers in this journey of raising consciousness together."
- Oswaldo
"Several different deep conversations and book recommendations within the Teal Village have brought back my awareness of the spirit realm, which deep in me I always knew and believe it exists, but somehow have forgotten and distanced myself from. This coming back to my true nature of my soul journey has led me now to a path of healing. Every experience diving into this world is so powerful and unique, sometimes words cannot even describe, it can only be experienced. It is also in this safe space of Teal Village where I feel completely open and safe to share this journey in real time. In time and confidence, I will also share it with the rest of my world in hope that I can serve other human beings with my highest self."
- Connie
"As soon as I found out about Teal, I wanted to find a community, where this language was spoken, and I could discover more. By being part of Teal Village, I feel that I have found a spiritual home, I have found my tribe, and I have a place where I can be who I am and learn who I am from people who speak a language that is more than words. It means I have support and accountability and everything I need to grow, to discover and contribute more appropriately in my environment. Since joining, so many things have changed and it is difficult to put my finger on them. I have grown in maturity and understanding. I have settled into a place of deeper peace. I view the world through a different lens, and interact with it with more compassion. My work has taken on a new edge, my relationships in general are more satisfying. I see more."
- Carl