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Self-Awareness Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom

– Aristotle


Self-awareness is the beginning of all wisdom


Begin your Journey

In Teal Village, we would like you to show up as your authentic-self with clear purpose, deep self-knowledge of your uniqueness, motives, and preferences. This is the foundation of creating the life and doing the work you dream of. Therefore, you are encouraged to start your self-discovery journey by answering the following questions and use the provided tools.  The result can increase your self-awareness.

Self-Assessment Tools

(click on the following items)

1.  Personal Value  (10 min)

2.  Your Personalities  (25 min)

3.  Life Path #  (3 min)

4.  Horoscope  (5 min)                          

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Identity: Who are you?

  2. Purpose: Why are you here on earth?

  3. Passion: What would you do if you have unlimited time, money and energy?

  4. Value: What are the most important values to you?

  5. Needs: What needs do you hope to fulfill at this time of your life?

  6. Dreams: What do you want to be, do (or experience) and have, if you have no fear, no financial or time limit?

  7. Growth: What do you want to learn in order to grow?

  8. Gifts: What talents you were born with?

  9.  Strengths: What qualities and capabilities have you acquired over the years?

  10.  Challenges: What aspects of yourself do you wish to overcome?

  11. Preferences: What others should know when interacting with you?

  12. Energy: When, where and how you most likely enjoy a state of flow and a surge of energy?

  13. Hobbies: What you love to do during play time?

  14.  Contribution: How would you like to contribute to your world (however the size you define it)?

  15. Ikigai: Where do your passion, competence, purpose merge with what the world values (the sweet spot)?