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Self-Awareness Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom

– Aristotle


Start Here

At Teal Village, you are expected to show up as your authentic-self with clear purpose, deep self-knowledge of your uniqueness, strenghts, and limitations.  This requires you to start with self-awareness, the beginning of all wisdom.  It is the  foundation of our personal and professional growth, and the beginning of happier and more fulfilled lives.  Therefore, you are encouraged to create your personal profile as a member, start a self-discovery journey and track your personal development progress.  

In this community, your value comes from the lessons you learned from the past, the actions you take today, and the intentions you hold for the future. Your place of origin, citizenship, race, gender, religion, age and social status do not affect your status in Teal Village.  Instead, you are appreciated and respected for your integrity, kindness, competence and your contributions.  Here, you are, first and foremost, a Human Being and that your primary goal on this planet is to learn, to grow and to contribute.

Along the way, you will be supported by coaches, mentors and the community.  You will acquire deeper and deeper understandings about yourself and your true potential.    

In addition to tracking your personal development progress, your personal profile allows you to share selected information with other members.  This increases your chance to be invited for work opportunities as a Subject Matter Expert or project team member with specific skills or experience.

To begin, we recommend that you answer these following questions in one sitting under 45 minutes, based on stream of consciousness, without too much thinking.  This gives you a quick overview of your current level of self-awareness.  Please keep a copy of your first draft as a reference to compare with your future versions.  This way, you can clearly see the progress of your personal development in the coming years.  Even if you have little or no answers to these questions, do not worry.  You will have plenty of resources, including coaches and the community, to help you discover yourself.  


                                     Self-Reflection Questions

Your Elements:

  1. Identity: Who are you?

  2. Purpose: Why are you here on earth? 

  3. Passion: What would you do if you have unlimited time, money and energy?

  4. Value: What are the most important values to you?

  5. Needs: What needs do you hope to fulfill from being a member?

  6. Dreams: What do you want to be, do (or experience) and have, if you have no fear, no financial or time limit?

  7. Growth: What do you want to learn in order to grow?

    8.  Gifts: What talents you were born with?

    9.  Strengths: What qualities and capabilities do you bring with you?

    10.  Challenges: What aspects of yourself do you wish to overcome?

    11.  Preferences: What others should know when interacting with you?

     12.  Energy: When, where and how you most likely enjoy a state of flow and a surge of energy?  

    13.  Hobbies: What you love to do during play time?  

    14.  Contribution: How would you like to contribute to your world (however the size you define it)?

    15.  Ikigai: Where do your passion, competence, purpose merge with what the world values (the sweet spot)?


Your Environment:

  1. What’s your ideal work environment, in terms of location, people, culture and space?

  2. What’s your ideal living environment in terms of location, people, culture and space?

  3. How does your ideal social network look like?


Professional Competence

1.  Subject Matter Expertise

2.  Skills

3.  Experience

4.  Education 



                                            Self-Assessment Tools

                                          (click on the following items)

1.  Personal Value  (5 min)

2.  Your Personalities  (15 min)

3.  Life Path #  (1 min)

4.  Horoscope  (5 min)

5.  Enneagram #  (20 min)

6.  Soul Age  (7 min)


Over time, we will guide you on how to use the information you have discovered about yourself. For now, please let us know your feedback or suggestion for improvement.  And let us know what resources or help you need as the next step. So we can share them with you gradually according to your needs.  Thank you for being part of the journey.                                





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