Practice Teal

We think it is challenging to learn the Teal principles in isolation, then go out and practice what you learned in the chaoic world on your own. Here at Teal Village, you learn and practice the principles in the real world while being plugged into your support system. You do so by creating or participating in profit-generating projects with your fellow members, so you make a living doing what you love and practice Teal at the same time.

In this eco-system, the lines between investor, creator, stakeholder, worker, consumer are blurred. You can simultaneously play all of these roles, of the same project or multiple projects. Opportunities are open to everyone. As long as you keep learning, remain open, stay involved, contribute and add values, you will be rewarded accordingly.

On this platform, you post your business ideas to attract investors, talents and potential customers. You co-create your products or services and share your profit with a pre-negotiated agreement based on a Teal guideline. While building your business, you are supported by Subject Matter Experts, Business Mentors, and the Formula of Success – a well-tested business building process that is proven to increase success rate from the market average of 8% to 80% or higher.

We encourage all members to donate a portion of their profit and/or their time on at least one humanitarian project of their choice. You will learn and experience that giving is the sure path to happiness. Together, we can create a better society through shared vision, mutual support, and collaborative creation.

Below is a small list of sample projects waiting to be planted, watered and nurtured in the coming months and years. Some are income-generating purpose-driven projects and others are donation-based humanitarian projects. All of them can benefit from the participation of potential investors (including crowdfunding and donations), subject matter experts, collaborators and clients. Anyone can submit projects they always wanted to manifest in the real world, large or small, local or global. Here are some basic Selection Criteria.

Anyone who wants to be directly involved with a project on the Teal Village platform is required to complete the Teal Cultural Competence, Teal Project Competence and Teal Community trainings in order to speak the same Teal language while interact with other members.

Purpose-Driven Projects:

  • Teal Village – This is the base project that provides the operating system for all other projects. While every member is a co-creator of Teal Village to some extend, this is a large and on-going project that requires the effort of various dedicated teams. They include

    • A large team of technical talents to build and maintain the rather complex and sophisticated backend. Their roles include project organizers, designers, developers, technical advisors, UX experts, graphic and video creators.

    • Talents in creating on-line educational programs – from design to execution.

    • Large number of high-conscious mentors, coaches and volunteers to support the community.

    • A team of writers to bring the web content and course content engaging, inspiring and updated.

    • A team of event and activity organizers and facilitators to keep the community vibrant and moving. They are also responsible for communicating between dedicated teams and the community at large to ensure members’ needs are met and their suggestions are implemented.

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Humanitarian Projects:

  • On-the-Spot Coaching – Organize internationally certified professional coaches to volunteer their time and skills in public space at specified time to give free coaching to any individual of the general public. The goal is to increase awareness of coaching, empower people to face their life challenges while open conversations in a non-judgemental and and supportive environment. The organizers can initiate this event anywhere in the world and as often as they like, provided that volunteer coaches are highly qualified and participating fully for the purpose of giving and sharing.

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