Join & Exit

We would like your decision of joining to be a thoughtful decision.  However, choices are yours to leave anytime you want.   Teal Village is unlike any community you have experienced before.  Once you become a member, please do not come with your assumptions.  Until you participate and experience it, you will have limited idea what Teal Village is all about.  New members can spend the first 3 months freely browse, meet other members, make yourself feel at home and participate in any activity you like.  Be proactive. 

In the first 3 months, if you feel this is not a community for you, please leave obligation free.  After 3 months, you will be asked to take a role to serve your fellow members in the community.  We want your decision of staying to be fully informed and conscious.  It is important that both you and the community feel honored and privileged to have each other.  This relationship will not work if you believe that building your life, your business and serving the village are mutually exclusive, or take away your limited resources.  If so, it possibly implies that

  1.  Your purpose and the village’s purposes are not aligned.  
  2.   Your purpose is aligned but you don’t need Teal Village because you have enough support elsewhere for your personal and professional growth.
  3.    You expect raising consciousness to be a knowledge acquisition process instead of an ego shedding process.   
  4.   You are in a reactive, limiting, either/or (instead of both), scarcity-based thinking pattern.  

If “1” and “2” apply to you, please say NO to Teal Village.  Because we want your YES to be a whole hearted yes.  This is necessary to be fair to other members who give their time and effort to support you.  If “3” and “4” apply to you, then you need to make a decision of whether you want to continue holding onto your current thinking pattern.  We are not here to change you.  We are here to support you, only if you are committed to changing yourself.  

As long as you are in the village, we would like you to be committed to your own growth and your relationship with the community, just like a marriage or any important relationship.  However, while we are ultra long-term oriented, we don’t expect lifetime commitment from you unless that is what you want as well.   You stay only if it makes sense to you.  

  • If you are sure that you want to be an active member of Teal Village, but need to disengage for at least 2-3 months due to other commitments, for example, in transition, on maternity leave, you need time alone.  Then, please request a sabbatical status, which means you remain a member, but your account is deactivated until you decide to return from your sabbatical.  
  • If you don’t consider Teal Village to be the right place for you, feel free to leave, guilt free, at any time.  If you decide to come back again in the future, you are welcome to re-apply.  Although not guaranteed, as long as you meet the membership requirements at that time, you will be given a fair chance.   

The journey to high consciousness requires 3 elements – guidance, community support and mindfulness practice.  Guidance and community support have no value to you unless you are committed to and take charge of your own personal growth.   Just like life, you reap what you sow.  Teal Village offers the environment and it is up to you to take actions.