You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
- Buckminster Fuller
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We are delighted to welcome you. If you are here to look for a completely new way of working, you are in the right place.

At Teal Village, we are on a mission to transform work into joy, learning, creativity and deep human connections. We believe that people are intrinsically motivated to do their best, collaborate and contribute to a higher purpose. Given the right opportunities, every person has the potential to be extraordinary. What prevents people from tapping into this potential is traditional management control, competition and misaligned objectives. We also believe that, collectively, we can create a harmonious society and joyful living with grace and ease, if we become mindful of our actions and focus our energy on constructive behaviors.

The future of work is a drastically different landscape from what we are familiar with today. It is a place based on collaborations instead of competitions; opportunities instead of scarcity; freedom instead of control; and accountability instead of exploitations. Such workplace is created with higher level of human consciousness – the answer to every human or social challenge. This higher consciousness is sometimes called Teal – a term coined by Frederick Laloux in his ground-breaking book Reinventing Organizations.

Teal Village is a platform, an eco-system, where individuals and teams can experience, learn and practice what it is like to work, collaborate and make impact with higher consciousness. It serves as a garden where people and their businesses can flourish within a safe and nourishing environment.

By joining us, you embark on a journey of personal development towards increased awareness; you learn how to direct your energy on rewarding relationships and activities; and you access the resources, guidance and support needed to turn your vision into profitable businesses and your talents into source of income and joy of life. You also have the opportunity to initiate or participate in humanitarian projects of your choice. In other words, you create a life, a business and a society you dream of.

Inside of the Teal Village, once constructed, you will find:

  1. Resources, guidance and community support needed to design your personalized roadmap to a fulfilled life
  2. State-of-Art Technology to reprogram your limiting beliefs that held you back in the past, while upload positive beliefs that will accelerate your learning and growth

  3. Resources to learn the Universal Principles that influence every part of our existance
  4. Formula of Success for building your entrepreneurial businesses with 10x higher success rate than the market average
  5. Teal competence trainings for building Teal culture, which reduces resistance to change, increases self-awareness and exponentially improve team harmony, productivity and efficiency
  6. A complete technology based infrastructure to support living and working with Teal principles and to apply previous Teal learnings on real world projects
  7. A growing community of inspiring individuals with various skills and experiences, who want to use their talents on Teal projects while make a living and create a better society
  8. A network of mentors, coaches and subject matter experts to facilitate and support your personal and business growth
  9. A complete Teal protocol on community governance guided by higher consciousness
  10. An eco-system with infinite opportunities to learn, to earn, to create, to contribute and to shape Teal Village

You are not expected to come to TealVillage as a consumer with a thick wallet. You are expected to participate in a new economy as a creator and a contributor with your existing talents and resources. If you don’t have the means to take the required courses, you can start as a volunteer to earn your equity.

We look forward to your participation and contribution to turn the vision of Teal Village into a reality.

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