The Third Intelligence

After landing in an international airport, I passed through the luggage claim area and headed towards the exit.  Suddenly, a security dog followed and barked at me. 

What could it possibly want from me !!?? As I wondered, the security officer walked over and asked if I had meat or fruits in my bag. I confidently told her: NO.  Then she asked: did you put fruits in your bag in the last few days?  I thought about it and nodded my head.  It was true that I bought some delicious tropical fruits at a local market 2 days before, but ate them the day before I boarded the airplane.  Yet, this small dog could detect its fragrance in my bag from a distance away.  

My teacher, a Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Master developed a special talent through the practice of Qi Gong.  He can look at any person for 30 seconds and be able to tell all the injuries or diseases this person has ever experienced in his life.  He can do so even by looking at a photo of this person. Many times in his life, he walked to strangers in public places and informed them about their imminent life-threating illnesses and saved their lives.  

The spiritual teacher Sadhguru can predict what kind of question a person in his audience would ask based on the seat she chooses in the auditorium.  He can also tell what kind of personal challenges, physical or non-physical, a person struggles with based on his speech or behavioral patterns.   

What the security dog did is within our grasp. But what the Qi Gong and the spiritual teachers did might be beyond most people’s comprehension.  In reality, most of us cannot develop the dog’s sensitivity to smell, but the teachers’ talents are humanly attainable.  What they developed is the ability to download information from the energy field.  

Energy field? What is that?

Here is a short answer.  We live in a multi-dimensional world (at least double digits).  Focus on the first 3-dimensions, we can see only the tangible – a table, a chair or a body.  From the 4thdimension and beyond, information exists in the form of energy and energy transcends time and space.  

With our 3-dimensional perspective, we believe all of us are separate entities.  The table is separate from the chair which is separate from our body and so on.  In reality, all of us are simultaneously in energy form.  Every object, every person, every thought or sound is energy.  Energy is inseparable, therefore, all of us are connected.  Our positive thoughts, kind words, and good intentions have an impact on each other.   

Most of us, including animals, have had experience accessing information from the energy field.  This is why we can walk into a neighbor’s house and sense the couple just had a fight even though they both smile at us.  A mother may feel anxious when her child is in danger somewhere thousands of kilometers away.  Animals can sense an upcoming earthquake.  Intuitive people constantly download information or guidance from the energy field.  

This ability or sensitivity is a form of Spiritual Intelligence, which comes to us naturally if it is not highjacked by our increased emphasis on IQ.  Many of us are familiar with IQ or EQ.  Many of us also know that EQ is much more important than IQ in personal success. What most people don’t know is the fact that IQ and EQ combined dwarf astronomically in their importance compared with Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).  

In fact, Spiritual Intelligence provides solutions to every challenge we face in the 3-dimensional world or the so-called “life”. Sounds too good to be true? Fortunately, it is true.  Because Spiritual Intelligence takes us to higher dimensions and offers a bird’s-eye view of our own lives and the societies we live in.  From there we can easily see the big picture, the patterns, and the connections in energy form.   We can see the root cause instead of the symptoms as we often do when we are restricted by our 3-dimensional perspectives.  

The ability to identify diseases or to predict questions from the audience are only two examples of Spiritual Intelligence.  If our politicians have Spiritual Intelligence, we wouldn’t spend billions every year to confiscate water bottles or hand lotions at airport security checks or build walls at the Mexican border – both focus on symptoms.  We would have more peace and fewer wars in the world.  If business owners use their Spiritual Intelligence, we would see employees spend half the time producing 10 times the result.  If everyone learns to access his/her Spiritual Intelligence, we would see the kind of miracle my acupuncturist created for me everywhere and every day in our lives.  

Skeptical or even cynical about what is presented here? Our attitude towards the unknown reveals our thought pattern.  In fact, the way we speak, the way we approach or respond to anything gives away information to the trained mind about who we are.

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