What To Expect?

As a member of Teal Village, you co-create and benefit from a community grounded in personal growth and self-actualization. One of the goals is to sustain self-discovery and self-care, with community support, as part of our lifestyle. Once we build a solid foundation of self-awareness and self-mastery and a community that truly cares about each other’s wellbeing, then we are ready to tap into the unlimited potential of collaboration and creation.

Once you join, you are welcome to browse around and decide if you would like to stay. Please keep in mind that Teal Village is not a shopping mall experience with many well-designed and beautifully packaged products or services for you to take into your shopping cart. This is a gardening experience. You enter with your “mask” off, get your ego bruised and hands dirty. 😉 Alright alright, we will be super gentle.  Realistically, it is a lifetime commitment, because you come to learn, to practice, to get feedback, and to grow the most important enterprise on the planet – YOU. 

Teal Village is designed to become:

  1. A Home for the Soul – a space where we can take safety, belonging, and acceptance for granted.  We can discover/ be our authentic selves AND experience high conscious human interactions.
  2. A Learning Center – a place to learn and to practice the Universal Principles that guide and influence every single activity and outcome in our daily lives.
  3. An Incubator– a place for members to create businesses that are full expressions of who they are while enjoying financial abundance.
  4. A Marketplace – A place to find other conscious and talented members to collaborate with, for both for-profit and humanitarian projects. A place where creator and consumer’s roles are interchangeable and their relationships are dynamic.
  5. An Eco-System– A place that integrates life, family, work, learning, and leisure with supportive infrastructure in place.

All of these can happen only through the collective effort of all Teal Village members. In the very beginning, we will collectively create:

  • Weekly activities based on monthly themes. They include weekly challenges or self-reflection questions, Member Profile Stories, Q&A calls, Give and Ask Day (where members can share their knowledge, resources, or talents to help other members. At the same time, they can ask for help too), Book Discussion Day, etc. Everyone is welcome to contribute, organize, and host these activities as well as share new ideas.
  • Mentoring and teaching. As we grow in size, all members are encouraged to find himself/herself at least one mentor AND become a mentor for others. The mentoring topic can be anything of your choice – life in general or industry/skill/culture-specific. We all have something to learn from and to teach each other, regardless of our age, life experience, and country of origin. All of us can benefit from more “Asking and Receiving”.
  • Individual and small group support.  You are encouraged to find accountability/ personal growth partners, and to identify/create/join a Circle (a mini-Teal Village environment) to support you on specific personal development or business objectives. Many of our members are excellent coaches, feel free to reach out to them for 1-on-1 coaching or group support (e.g. invite them to your group discussions). Get involved in creating opportunities to facilitate this process.
  • Resources and courses. We will gradually build up a Teal oriented resource center and offer courses relevant to members’ personal growth and business growth. All members are invited to initiate, to create, and to contribute.
  • Opportunities to show up. Here is a safe place for you to practice self-expression – getting your voice heard, asking for help and feeling comfortable to receive; to practice facilitating meetings, testing your new ideas, and being the best version of yourself; to practice becoming an inspiration, a role model and a leader that others want to follow.

As we grow and move towards our vision, many more possibilities will surface. Stay open and take initiatives.

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