Inner Compass During Chaos

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down like a small boat weathering a rainstorm in the middle of an ocean.  What many people feared the most and referred to as volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) is officially upon us on a global scale. In the short term, this appears as a devastating disaster.  In the long term, certain individuals will emerge stronger and happier than before.  It is because they can identify the constant amid volatility and uncertainty. They can identify the simplicity amid complexity and ambiguity.  

But how?  

With a 3-dimensional worldview (read The Third Intelligence first), we resist VUCA as if it is our worst enemy.  With spiritual wisdom from 4+ dimensions, we know how to align ourselves with the rhythm of the Universe and stay inflow.  We understand that, while painful, embracing change is the only way forward.  We will be grateful for the opportunity in disguise. More importantly, we hold the keys to coping with future VUCA in our hands.  

Key#1 – Understand Universal Rules

As human beings, we are influenced by two types of rules – societal rules created by humans in the 3-dimensional world, and Universal Rules created with Divine intelligence that dictates the whole Universe, both visible and invisible to our naked eyes.  More on this in this article.  

While the societal rules change with people, time, and place, the Universal Rules stay constant eternally.  In addition, similar to computer software coding, simple logic can apply to complicated and infinite situations.  Once we master these Universal Rules, we can see the big picture and know how to make decisions under any circumstance.  

Although it takes time to learn and to practice the Universal Rules, at the fundamental level, our Universe is in constant rotation between the Yin and the Yang, which co-exist within each other.  For example, we all know that the light of day is always followed by the darkness of night, then again followed by the light of day in a continuum.  Likewise, our Universe is in constant movement, but with a fixed pattern.  The so-called good time is always followed by a bad time, then again a good time.  Instead of resisting changes and praying for a calm sea, we are better off learning how to ride the wave like a master surfer.  

Here is a familiar application in the real world.  Take the stock market, for example, a bull market is always followed by a bear market, then again followed by a bull market.  Savvy investors take a long-term view, study the patterns, and take advantage of these rises and falls.  Those investors who don’t understand this Universal Rules will focus on the short term.  They resist the change, sell their stocks after a crash out of fear, suffer huge losses, and create golden opportunities for savvy investors.  

The same is true with the Covid-19 pandemic.  Some of us focus our energy on what we can’t control, criticize other people’s mistakes, and complain about our bad lucks.  Spiritually intelligent individuals know that everything happens for a reason.  They focus on the long term and what is within our control – how to protect ourselves physically, financially, and socially; how to identify opportunities and adapt accordingly; and how to walk away from this experience with valuable lessons.  Perhaps animals capable of adapting to different seasons can teach us a few things about living in harmony with nature.  

Key#2 – Receive Universe’s Guidance

The Universe constantly gives us just-in-time information to guide us in specific situations.  Given that many of us were not trained in Spiritual Intelligence at school, we often are oblivious about these signals the way the Titanic ignored the iceberg.  With practice, we can download guidance from higher dimensions on-demand and know exactly what to do, when and how.  

Our inability to recognize such information is due to the fact that we live in a noisy world with never-ending distractions both from the outside world and from an over-active intellectual mind.  What is the chance of us hearing the humming of little birds in the middle of heavy traffic?  

There are two conditions to “hearing” this whisper of wisdom. One is quiet minds. We can achieve this through many spiritual practices such as breathwork, meditation or connecting with nature.  The other is increased vibrations, similar to tuning a radio to the right frequency.  The higher our vibration, the simpler and more powerful message we can receive (more on that in another time).  

Key#3 – Recognize Universe’s Feedback

The Universe constantly gives us feedback about ourselves through the people and the situations around us.  If we judge our “reality” with a 3-dimensional worldview, we might blame the circumstance or other people for our challenges.  Once we see the big picture and the connections, we will understand that, like all energy, nothing exists in isolation and every effect has a cause. People and situations around us only serve as mirrors, reflecting issues within us that are invisible to us otherwise.  

Take the Corvid-19 as an example, our raspatory challenge on a global scale reflects the pain we collectively, as human beings, inflicted on the Mother Earth and other living beings such as animals.  Instead of complaining, we could take this opportunity to self-reflect and to change our behaviors to address the root cause instead of symptoms. 

Likewise, if we repeatedly have the same kind of challenges, let’s say, fear of VUCA, what does that say about us? Perhaps it is time to stop avoiding, instead, learn the necessary skills and start adapting.  If the pandemic has severely affected our life rhythms, perhaps it is time to adjust our lifestyle and focus more on the basics such as health, finance, and relationships.  To recognize the Universe’s feedback requires us to increase self-awareness and practice self-observation, self-reflection, and self-correction.  

Every life challenge has a solution that comes from our co-creation with the Universe.  To collaborate well with our co-creation partner – the Universe, it is imperative to understand the Universal Rules, to learn to communicate in the language of energy, and to constantly adjust our thoughts and actions through a high level of self-awareness.  

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