Unlearn and Relearn

Going Teal is an unlearn and relearn process. Through this process, we can create the life we want and reach our potential.   Many people wonder what it is that we need to unlearn and to relearn. Here is a short answer.  Unlearn the habit of letting the intellectual mind taking charge.  Instead, let intuition or inner wisdom guide us.  Relearn the truth that we were all born with everything we need to create the life we are meant to live.  Born with everything we need?!  Right! Too good to be true?  That’s because your intellect is still in charge.  

Like an apple seed, once planted into the soil, it has its innate intelligence to know when to break the ground, how to grow into a tree, to bloom and to bear fruits.  No strategic planning nor external force is needed.  Water, sunlight, and rich soil are sufficient most of the time.  In human terms, that’s consistent effort, focus, patience, curiosity, self-love and integrity – all of which are within us. 

The intellectual mind (vs. intuitive mind) has done wonders in creating material abundance, taking us to places we never imagined and connecting us with people and stories we otherwise have no exposure to.  All of these are great in enhancing the quality of life, but not serving as our reason for existence.  When we confuse them, we direct attention away from ourselves, subsequently, lose our center, purpose, and ourselves.  

The consequence is that we dedicate time and energy to sustain a growing appetite for consumption, either material or informational.  We compare, seek external recognition and judge ourselves by other’s standards.  We believe that we always lack another pair of shoes, time for another task, knowledge from another book, the know-how of another guru.  We worked hard to clutter our houses with things that we don’t need and our minds with knowledge accumulated but not digested nor applied.  

We have a gold mine in our backyard, yet we go around begging for charity (know-how).  The only thing we lack is SELF-AWARENESS.  This is not to say that we don’t need support along the way.  Supporters and teachers will come when we are ready and have done our share of the inner work, not when we wait for gurus, experts and superheroes to rescue us.  And they come disguised in different forms – friends, mentors, strangers, colleagues, books, and sometimes even enemies.  We recognize them only when we are ready to receive them.  The most important guidance comes from our intuition – the whispers in our ears with the exact information we need and in perfect timing.  This happens only when we recognize how incredibly powerful our intuitive minds are and are willing to let the intellectual mind take a backseat.   

The magic formula of good living has only 3 words: wisdom, compassion and self-mastery.  Wisdom means applying the principles of nature, not against them.  Compassion is being kind to self and others.  Self-mastery is about mindfulness practice that includes self-awareness, self-discipline, self-observation and self-reflection.  The last two are built-in personal development coach and spiritual teacher that can guide us through challenges 99% of the time.  

But how? Some people might ask.  Again, we are going into our heads trying to understand it theoretically and seek answers from outside.  One thing I would share here is that the unlearning process starts with a quiet mind.  Here is a question to reflect on: what can you do to create an inner world that is free from outside distractions or energy-draining relationships, be it for a moment, for a day or for the long-term?  Some might say: with my work and family situation, it is not possible to have a quiet space.  Here we go again: whether you think you can or cannot, you are right.  

A quiet mind isn’t something to experience only when we sit for meditation.  It is a state of mind that we carry with us anywhere we go, even on noisy streets or in stressful situations.  It is much easier to achieve when we have clear intentions and clear focus moment by moment, and day by day; when we do what we love and stay in the flow; when we live our own lives, not lives others expect us to live; when we know that nothing we do is more important than taking care of ourselves and being ourselves. 

As long as we seek from outside, we are moving away from the true answer. Look inward. Start with a quiet mind, and practice mindfulness – self-discipline, self-observation and self-reflection.  Once we acquire self-awareness, solutions will appear naturally and changes will happen effortlessly.

Enjoy the journey!

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