A global community for self-actualizers to
discover a new way to work, to collaborate and to make an impact

We Believe that work is a form of self-expression and love made visible.  It is about joy, learning, and creativity.  Work can bring us deep human connections, financial abundance and positive social impact.  We are here to make this a reality.

Why Teal Village

What Is Teal? (A)

Teal is a color and represents high consciousness.  It was popularized by Frédéric Laloux in his ground-breaking book “Reinventing Organizations”, in which

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What is Teal? (B)

Thousands of years ago, a Chinese philosopher and a spiritual teacher had this to say about success: Here, brawn implies physical hard

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Our Vision

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. 

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How It Works

With the vision, the design and the guidance already in place, the entire community co-creates the process, the culture and business opportunities.  Together, we create a new eco-system, in which you create the life you dream of.  This journey consists of these 4-steps:

Teach and Serve

Be a mentor, host and companion for others through their Teal journey. Role model and teach with actions.


Discover your life mission, passion and unique gifts. Build your life and business from your authentic self.

Teal Projects

Bring Teal to your projects and your interactions within a Teal eco-system. See the results of positive intentions and focused energy.

Teal Training

Learn what Teal is all about. Understand and speak the Teal Language. Be ready to create and live in Teal Culture.

Interested in knowing how to join us?