What is Teal? (B)

Thousands of years ago, a Chinese philosopher and a spiritual teacher had this to say about success:

Here, brawn implies physical hard work; intellect is about smart work; kindness refers to empathy and collaborative relationships; wisdom is about knowing and acting according to the Law of Nature, which is also called the quantum or spiritual principles.

Don’t we all want the ultimate success? But how do we get there? Teal Village exists for this very purpose.  The answer is Personal and Spiritual Development using the Teal Framework.  Many of us know there are 4 human dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – developed in this sequence.  

While the importance of IQ has been known for centuries, our attention only came to EQ development in the last few decades.  The last dimension SQ (Spiritual Intelligence) is still outside the mainstream’s consciousness, yet it is exactly where Wisdom comes from. 

To achieve the ultimate success in life and in business is to apply spiritual wisdom in every thought, every intention, every action every single day.  It is a personal development journey, a spiritual journey, and a business journey.  In fact, they are all one and the same thing.  It is our intellectual mind that creates the separation and the different labels.  

Then what is Teal? It is a human development framework or roadmap, in which Teal is the stage where we start to focus on Spiritual Development.

Each of these 7 developmental stages has distinctive thinking and behavioral patterns.  The framework can serve as a mirror for self-awareness and a comprehensive tool for understanding almost any human behavior, as well as organizational and societal behaviors.  Here is a snapshot below.  Each stage has its Creative and Destructive behavioral potentials and everything in between.  All of us can find some aspect of ourselves from each stage.  This framework gives us clues on where our strengths and limitations are.  

There is a great depth to this framework.  In the Understanding Teal course, we will explain the why, what, and how of this framework.  This framework serves as a road map of spiritual growth and a mirror for self-awareness.  Teal Village is created as a safe space in which we can practice applying this framework in life and in business.  We can practice how to live life with Spiritual Intelligence instead of just IQ and hard work; how to be mindful in everything we do; and how to develop these 3 qualities: Wisdom, Compassion, and Self-Mastery – the essence of evolved souls.  

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