Our Vision

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. 

                                                                       – Buckminster Fuller

Our vision is to create a humane and conscious eco-system that enable people to live, work, create and contribute in the world in full alignment with the Law of the Universe. 

The most feasible way to achieve this is through raising consciousness.  Only when we are awaken, able to see the truth and become conscious human beings, we can create conscious families, businesses, communities and eco-systems in which happiness, unity and peace are the natural way of life.  In other words, high consciousness is an operating system.  Any application created upon it in the form of marriages, projects, start-ups, culture, financial, education, and healthcare systems will reflect wisdom, kindness and creativity.  Just like internet, the spread of high consciousness can potentially create infinite applications and unlimited opportunities that will profoundly change the way we live, work and contribute in the world.     

To realize this vision, we have a 3-tiered process with corresponding goals:

  1. Personal Growth – start with self-development to raise consciousness, discover personal callings and cultivate self-leadership capabilities
  2. Enterprise Creation – cultivate professional expertise and co-create conscious families, projects, initiatives, businesses and opportunities that benefit members and society at large
  3. Social Integration – create technology based next-generation eco-system that fully integrates personal development, enterprise creation, income generation, community support and social impact with holistic infrastructure.

Personal Growth

The conscious level of any creation reflects the conscious level of its creator.  Every one of our thoughts, words, or actions reflects our level of consciousness.  Every single human struggle or conflict on this planet is created from lower consciousness and every sustainable solution comes from higher consciousness.  When we operate from low consciousness, we feel powerless or act aggressively.  We complain, criticize, blame others and cross boundaries.  We self-serve, control and create separations. When we operate from high consciousness, we understand, respect and accept everyone’s uniqueness.  We support each other and we lead by example that demonstrates a life of wisdom, compassion, and self-mastery.  

Many people who are eager to change the world often ask: what can I do?  The answer is not in “what can I do?” but “who can I be?” This is because “wanting to make a positive change” does not always equal to “capable of making a positive change.” What gets in the way is often ourselves – lack clarity or operate with limiting beliefs, unproductive behavioral patterns and emotional blocks.  Only after we have gained self-awareness and self-mastery, we are capable of leading ourselves and others in order to turn visions into reality.  All of it starts with personal development – the foundation of all productive and creative actions. 

Enterprise Creations

The future of work is no longer 9-5 jobs in big corporations. Projects will replace jobs. Communities will replace companies. Each of us can work on multiple projects, collaborating with multiple teams, using multiple talents, generating multiple incomes. We no longer passively wait for orders from the top or expect external approval to verify self-worth.  Work and life balance is a concept from the past. Work and life integration will be the reality of the future.  Similarly, there will be no conflicts between employers and employees, between families and jobs or between passion and survival because we will no longer work in a system designed with embedded conflicts.

Our goal at Teal Village is to enable conscious entrepreneurs, leaders, and creators to step up and to create new kind of enterprises, which integrates economic development with social development.  Such enterprises offer opportunities for income generation and social contribution that ultimately creates sustainable relationships between individuals, leaders, businesses and society.  Ironically, enterprises of the future require much less effort than the competition driven and profit focused enterprises that we currently create. 

Social Integration

The next-generation eco-system is a collection of communities whose ultimate focus is people.  In a healthy and conscious society, everything we do or create is designed to serve the interests and wellbeing of the common people.  Unlike the current social norm where people exist to maximize share-holder values, to advance technologies for the sake of it, and where market is considered a battlefield.  The future eco-system serves as a safe space, in which people relate to each other like family members.  Only when we feel safe, peaceful and joyful, we become more creative and productive, able to make higher economic and social contributions. 

The infrastructure to support such eco-system will include whole new ways of relating to each other and opportunity distribution.  This includes new ways of matching projects with talents, meritocracy based profit-sharing, crowdfunding for investment opportunities and new health, financial and community support systems, just to name a few. 

In conclusion, every struggle we face in life is just a mirror reflecting our inner struggle, individually or collectively.  Instead of working hard to solve those problems at symptom levels, the fastest and the easiest solution is to address the root cause.  It is to do the inner work and to raise consciousness in order to create high conscious enterprises and social systems.  This is an on-going journey.  The best time to start was 10 years ago and the second best time is today.  At Teal Village, we believe that we know the process required to realize this vision.  We invite you to join us, so we can support each other along the way!

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