Vision of Teal Village

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

– Buckminster Fuller

Teal Village exists with the ultimate goal of co-creating an eco-system that supports the way we would like to live, to work, and to make an impact. This eco-system is created with the fabric of high consciousness, deep human connections, and state-of-art technical infrastructure.

While technology is important, the human connections and the high level of consciousness are quintessential, which are the starting point and success factor of community and business creation. The process comes in 3 stages, and each is built on top of the previous one:

  1. Personal Development to raise consciousness
  2. Deep Connections to create a strong community
  3. Conscious Projects supported by technology and community to create a new eco-system

Personal Development

Some of you might be here because you read Frederic Laloux’s book “Reinventing Organizations” and you want to discover the holly grill of Teal from Teal Village. Here are good news and bad news. The bad news is there is no such thing as a standard Teal method or system to implement, contrary to what many people want to believe. The very idea of taking a standard system and impose it on people is not Teal at all. Besides, not a single CEO from Laloux’s examples studied, bought or copied a Teal system from someone else. What they did were simply manifestations of their worldview or high consciousness.

The good news is there is a definitive way to move towards Teal. Whether you want to become a Teal CEO, or a Teal catalyst/coach to help anyone, including yourself, or an organization to reach full potential, there is one way and only one way – raise consciousness.  Every one of our thoughts, words, or actions reflects our level of consciousness.  Every single human struggle or conflict on this planet is created from lower consciousness and every sustainable solution comes from higher consciousness.

When we operate from low consciousness, we feel powerless or we act aggressively. We complain, criticize, blame others and cross boundaries. We self-serve, control and create separations. When we operate from high consciousness, we understand, respect and accept everyone’s uniqueness. We support each other and we lead by example that demonstrates a life of wisdom, compassion, and self-mastery.  Teal Village is designed to support the journey of raising our individual and collective consciousness.

Most of us were brought up to master the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, and tools. That process requires hard work and lots of activities – the more the better. It is an addition process from the outside-in. Raising consciousness is a subtraction process that involves peeling off layers of barriers and allowing our inner light to shine outwardly.

It requires us to quiet our mind; relax our body; create distance from external distractions; let go busyness, unhealthy habits, limiting beliefs, excessive ego, and past traumas. Only then, we can access our potential hidden deep within us.  In this process, we meet our true selves and gain self-awareness (aka consciousness).  This is what personal development is all about. Many people believe that personal development is nice-to-have when we have extra time and energy, when in fact it is the heartbeat of our life.

Deep Connections

Many of us have been conditioned by society to face strangers with fear or suspicions. Many of us have thousands of social media “connections” but few true connections at a soul level. We want to change that in Teal Village.  We encourage members to connect at emotional and soul levels by opening up and being vulnerable.  Invite others into your world, reciprocate and co-create an environment that everyone feels safe, belong and accepted.  Our ability to connect deeply with others depends on our ability to connect deeply with ourselves, which is the result of Personal Development.

Conscious Projects

The future of work is no longer 9-5 jobs in big corporations. Projects will replace jobs. Communities will replace companies. Each of us can work on multiple projects, collaborating with multiple teams, using multiple talents, generating multiple incomes. This requires us to step up and reveal that entrepreneur, leader, and creator within each of us.  Personal Development facilitates that process.

A traditional CV with a list of diplomas, past experiences, and skills will no longer be sufficient. A holistic and authentic CV (let’s call it a Teal CV) will be required, from which your potential team members can learn about your life purpose, passion, values, interests, and talents, independent of which project you want to participate in.

Our ability to collaborate with teammates is directly related to our ability to create authentic relationships with our community members, grounded in our self-awareness.  Work-and-life balance is a concept from the past. Work and life integration will be the reality of the future. This requires us to be highly competent in self-management which again rests on Personal Development.

The infrastructure to support this eco-system will include new ways of matching projects with talents, new profit-sharing schemes, crowdfunding from members, new health, financial and community support systems, and so on. We will co-create this based on members’ input.

Every struggle we face in life is just a mirror that reflects our inner struggle, individually or collectively. Instead of working hard to solve those problems at symptom levels, the fastest and the easiest way to remove the root cause is to do the inner work and to raise our consciousness.  This happens when we connect with ourselves, connect with others, share our learnings and co-create.  We will make it happen through our commitment and perseverance.

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