Simplier Than We Think

How to become a great leader, a great listener, a genius problem solver? What about creating loving relationships at home and becoming an amazing parent? How about coping with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA)? By the way, are you inspired to become Teal?

Millions of programs and books available on the market are trying to answer these questions.  While they offer great choices, the sheer volume can be overwhelming.  The question is where to start and whose advice to trust. 

Fortunately, it is not that complicated. If we count the number of leaves on a big tree, we will be overwhelmed.  But if we go down to the root, there is only one seed.  With the same logic, the answers to all of the above questions boil down to only one – raising human consciousness.  

When we have higher consciousness, we become better leaders, listeners, parents, spouses, and problem solvers.  We can cope with VUCA with ease and grace.  We show up in the world and grow companies from the Teal action logic. 

But what is consciousness? And how to raise consciousness?

Consciousness means awareness.  Human consciousness is a measure of our awareness of spiritual wisdom. Imagining walking in the wilderness at night.  If the light in our hand is switched off, we struggle to find our way and bump into big rocks and suffer injuries.  When the light is bright and illuminates our path, we see with clarity.  This is how consciousness works.  Our life journey is the walk, spiritual wisdom is the light, our mindset is the light switch and consciousness is the visibility.  

Lower consciousness keeps us struggle in darkness.  We curse, fight and remove rocks with great effort while creating more problems, or side effects, in the process.  This is why we live in a world obsessed with problem-solving.  Every business proposal or investment pitch is centered around our solutions to your problems. Often, these solutions are problems in itself, if they are created from lower consciousness.  As Einstein said: we can’t solve problems with the same thinking that created them. 

There is a much simpler way – turn on the light, increase visibility, and follow the path with the least resistance instead of dedicating our lives to becoming problem-ologists.   Shifting focus could open up infinite possibilities for us.  To do that is to raise consciousness and allow spiritual wisdom to shine a light on our path and let it guide our thoughts and actions.  

Take the example of a boss asking us to do extra work with unpaid overtime. A common response is to see the boss as the problem and we are the victims. We would stay late with resentment and go home angry. We would complain about the boss behind his back to everyone else except directly to him while creating and spreading negative energy in the process. 

With higher consciousness, we would make sure we do an excellent job during the day time, communicate with the boss to fully understand the situation, and say no, if necessary, with no fear. We would see the boss as the collaborator who created a challenge for us to grow spiritually – to reflect our own performance, to set clear boundaries, to speak our truth and to exercise self-respect. 

To many people, human consciousness is an abstract concept. That’s because we haven’t learned how to speak its language. In reality, it is easily observable with some training.  There is a definitive overall pattern from low to high consciousness – always moving from fear, control, hatred, manipulation, selfishness, and separation to unconditional love, oneness, wisdom, compassion, and trust.  Plus, every level of consciousness has its unique thinking and behavioral patterns. Read this article for a glimpse of such pattern. 

Many people don’t realize that high consciousness improves every aspect of our lives.  We can enjoy significantly better health, less stress, closer relationships, more creativity. We have higher achievement with much less effort and more guilt-free and stress-free financial abundance.  Isn’t it obvious? Fear and love, which one gives us positive energy? 

How do we move from fear to love, from control to trust, from low to high consciousness? The ultimate answer is never in a book or someone else’s head, although they can serve as guidance.  The ultimate answer is always inside us. We were born with spiritual wisdom, every single one of us.  The only way to bring out the light within is to start a journey of self-discovery. Welcome to personal development on a spiritual path. 

Want to make your priority removing rocks or finding the light? It is always your choice. 

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