Teal Cultural Competence Training

This course introduces a simple and highly impactful framework that helps us turn our emotional energy, normally wasted on workplace politics, towards value adding activities.  The course consists of seven (7) modules.  The first module lays the foundation and helps us understand the developmental stages, in terms of, human consciousness.  It explains the positive and negative attributes of each stage and the meaning of Teal consciousness.  Consequently, it sheds light on the toxic behaviors in workplaces that contribute to corporate dysfunctions.  

The subsequent six (6) modules introduce us to the Six Role Framework constructed by Dr. Ken West.  This framework directs our attention, with laser focus, to supporting common visions at workplaces.  It teaches us how to operate with Teal consciousness regardless of our current stage of development.  

Each module lasts 3 hours and focuses on one of the six roles with more details.  These 6 roles represent the crucial roles required to achieve success in any organization, community, team, family as well as individual lives.  The absence of any one of them creates imbalance and lack of support in certain aspects of our lives.

This course will be interactive and includes team exercises.  So you can practice playing each role while interacting with other role players.  After completing the entire course, you will realize the following benefits:

  • A way to identify how each team member contributes or destroys values in your current or past group interactions

  • Self-awareness of your own healthy and unhealthy behaviors and how they affect the quality of your own life and your relationships with others

  • Reduced resistence to positive change

  • Save time and energy while increase focus, harmony, productivity and efficiency

This course is a required course for all Teal Village members before participating in any team based Teal project.

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