Accelerated Life Lessons

The Background

This is a 2-day workshop, designed for more advanced spiritual students who have sufficient understanding of the Universal Principles. They are comfortable suspending intellectual analysis and staying open to receive information from the 4th dimension and beyond. They are familir with mascle testing or at least can learn it quickly in the beginning of the workshop to apply it.

Many of us know that we are here on this planet to evolve and to grow. To help us accomplish this, the universe organizes lessons for us to learn, one at a time, until we master them. It is identified that most of us choose up to 181 lessons, in the form of paradoxes, before coming to this life. These paradoxes create the experiences we have here. We live through these experiences over and over until we resolve all of the paradoxes.

It is possible to accelerate this learning process by systematically resolve these paradoxes. In order to do this, it is necessary to identify individually the lessons each of us chose to learn and how each paradox has been active in our lives. Once we experience this a-ha moment, the resistance disappears and the resolution is achieved.

This is a rare opportunity to benefit from the result of Dr. Ken West’s decades of research in the quantum field. He brings us wisdom and practical tools that can enhance our lives profoundly.

What to Expect?

In this workshop, you will spend the first half-day learning muscle testing. Then you will be led through this unique process as quickly and efficiently as possible. While doing this, you will see how you have actually created every experience in your life. Once these lessons are learned and paradoxes resolved, those people in your life that push your buttons now will stop teaching you the lessons and actually be who they really are. Your life will stop being a constant struggle. Instead, you can focus your attention and energy on creating what you want and self-actualizing.

In this workshop, you will discover who you are, your life purpose, your strengths and limitations, and how people in your life influence you.

How it Works?

Through muscle test, your individual’s needs, based on current programming, are identified. Your subconscious system is then rebooted by deleting the unhealthy programming, while safely uploading new optimal programming aligned with the universal energy field. The process is deeply moving and the results are subtle yet profound at the same time.


The Workshop

Preparation: Removing limiting beliefs and trapped emotions are necessary to let go of the baggage we carry and be fully present in the workshop. Dr. Ken West, the teacher, will personally offer a Reset (recalibration) session for each participant, at least one day prior to the workshop, using his state-of-art technology.

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